About the Artist: a brief story

Matt Jee is a Queensland based artist. He was born in England and, in his youth, haunted the dark reaches of the midlands and the misty moors of London (is this right?). Anyway, I have known Matt for some time and can honestly say it’s hard keeping up.

Finishing school in the tortured throes of underachievement, Matts hopes were to pursue the life of a beatnik cat – poetry, art and bohemian aspirations. He took up a job packing books into boxes. It was not enough. Captivated by the death throes of punk, he took up his guitar and went on the road with fated outfit Bad Beach.

The seeds for his love of art were planted when his mother first let him put paint on his hands. What a mess I can tell you! Growing up, fascinated by the narrative in pictures, he realised there is always a story to be told. Whether this is searching for golden bananas or running from spiders, “the image” he says “can paint a thousand words”.

Aubrey Beardsley, Howard Pyle and Uderzo among many, many others inspired Matt that these were not merely illustrators to text, but that their works actually created the text, giving a unique story to every viewer.
Never looking at pictures quite the same way again and guided by his artist / brother Tim, he took up his brushes and did something. Then did some more – and here it is on this www. thing.

Matt works mostly in oil paint “I’m somewhere between High Brow and Low Brow” he muses. Well, I don’t know, but I like a pumpkin when I see one, and if I know Matt the way I think I do, they’ll be plenty more pumpkins coming our way.

Enjoy your visit….

His friend,

The Colonel